Meet Guin
Meet Guin

Meet Guin

I'm a business of one specializing in helping introverted women entrepreneurs who are exhausted, anxious and invisible find their purpose, alignment, vitality and creativity, through  Quantum Human Design™.
I'm based in beautiful, magical Santa Fe, New Mexico 🌞 and in my career, I have worked as a successful entrepreneur and also in the technology, non-profit, hospitality, wellness, finance, real estate and self-growth spaces as well as for several startups, including my own.
I've personally generated over $42 million in revenues, increased profits at least two-fold, and improved customer reach by an average of 51% and customer satisfaction by at least 22% for the organizations and people I've served.
I'm curious, client-obsessed, compassionate and seek to deeply understand those I work with.
How I Help You Uncover Who You Are Meant to Be
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been helping people. For many years I helped them make money - A LOT OF IT - through my talents as a multi-award winning business development, sales and technology expert. And while I loved doing that, I completely burned myself out chasing other people's dreams.
I discovered what I was doing -- and how I was doing it -- wasn't aligned with who I am or how I am uniquely designed.
So I left my old career behind and began my journey of self-discovery and self-illumination. I experienced many years of struggle and lack as I underwent an intensive healing process.
During this time, I also trained extensively in human design, the Gene Keys, NLP, and trauma-informed subtle-body energy practices, as well as in marketing and sales for entrepreneurs. And I came to understand who I am at my authentic core along with uncovering my intuitive gifts and my superpowers.
The takeaway: I learned precisely how my awareness, my alignment and my energetic gifts and superpowers can and do transform the lives of the people I connect and work with.
I learned that I'm a highly intuitive abundance and light bearer who can "see" others' abilities to create and attract alignment, wellness, prosperity, creativity and joy in their own lives.
So now I use my gifts to help people - many of them soul-centered entrepreneurs and highly creative women - to discover their true purpose, unlock their superpowers and unleash their genius through developing a deeper understanding of who they truly are, what they're all about, and how they are designed to operate.
And finally live in their joy, success and prosperity.I connect Introverts to their Future Self. I offer hope, sustainability, authenticity and simplicity.
As a coach and consultant for Quiet Leaders, I work with introverts who want to unlock their full potential and lead with confidence. Through the use of self-reflection and the lens of human design, I help my clients understand their unique strengths and challenges and develop strategies to thrive in their work and personal lives.
My approach is based on empathy, deep listening, and creating a safe space for my clients to explore their inner world. Together, we work on building their leadership skills, managing stress and overwhelm, and creating a life of success by leaning into your inherent inner wisdom and unique Superpowers.
If you're an introverted leader looking to take your life and your career to the next level, let's connect and start your journey towards success.
It’s time to deeply understand yourself, to start healing and nurturing your body, spirit, money and mind, and harness your true power. If this sounds like what you want, let's work together!
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I have an unshakeable vision of a world that is sustainable and peaceful. My vision creates the path for what i need to build and the work that needs to be done to turn this dream into a reality. My clients share this vision.
I believe that life is all about learning about who you are and how you can be(come) the best version of yourself.
I'M GUIN, THE GUIDE FOR YOU: The Quiet Leader - The Introverted Professional, Parent, Partner...The Person
I'm all about making an impact while having the freedom and flexibility to live the life of your dreams.As a coach and consultant for Quiet Leaders, I help introverts - individuals, executives and career professionals - to unlock their full potential and achieve success in all areas of their lives. My approach is deeply rooted in human design - understanding the unique strengths and challenges that come with introversion, and I work with my clients to develop strategies and techniques that leverage those strengths while addressing any obstacles in their way.With a focus on mindfulness, growth mindset, and breaking down limiting beliefs using Positive Intelligence (PQ), I help my clients build the confidence, resilience, and leadership skills they need to thrive in today's fast-paced and ever-changing world without having to give up who you are. Together, we create a vision for your future and take actionable steps to make that vision a reality.
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